5th Grade Artist Research Project

Welcome to the 5th Grade Artist Research Unit!!! In this unit you will be spending the next five weeks learning about different artists and art styles. You will be choosing an artist from a list of artists from different times in history. We will be learning about different artists like Picasso and Dali and their times in history like Cubism and Surrealism. For this unit you will be using the computer and internet to gather, organize and create a project about the artist and art style. You will also be creating a digital artwork about your artist using Microsoft Paint.

During this unit you will be introduced to a class Wiki https://mrswernersartroom.wikispaces.com/ and will use the Wiki as a class information homepage and for weekly assignments. There will be two types of work each week, a weekly assignment and a class discussion question. You will be given time every art class to complete the assignments and if they are not completed during class work time you may be required to continue working on them outside of class.

The objective of this unit is for you to research and share your knowledge with your classmates. You are going to be given a lot of choices in this unit and everyone will be using different methods for research and art project. We will learn more about the choices for assignments and projects on our class Wiki. Here we go!!!